Commercial Parking Lot Electrical Installation

We are experts in the installation and replacement of outdoor electrical systems and other areas that require additional outdoor illumination. Outdoor lighting was once considered a low priority, used more to accent a building’s architectural appearance than to provide safety and security for the property. In recent years, the importance of adequate illumination has gained recognition in maintaining better security in parking lots and other commercial outdoor areas. Repairing a fixture that shorts out or installing a new lamp post in a dim area not only looks pleasant, but also improves safety, giving you peace of mind. Often, the costs associated with liability insurance and security may decrease with proper lighting practices, helping offset the costs of installation and energy use. Contact Innovative Electrical Contractors today for all parking lot lighting and outdoor commercial electrical needs in Columbus, Starkville, West Point, Tupelo, and Oxford, Mississippi.

A parking lot lamp post at nigt.

With our years of experience, we understand the highly technical skills required in designing and evaluating a lighting system. The lighting requirements of an area vary by case, and proper wiring safety codes must be followed to protect people and property from electrical shock and fire hazards. When designing and installing an outdoor commercial lighting system, we meet guidelines and requirements such as:

  • Local regulations in the Northeast Mississippi and West Alabama regions
  • Intended use and amount of power demand on the circuits
  • Environmental concerns
  • Natural hazards
  • Intensity of the lighting
  • Uniformity of lighting
  • Color of lighting
  • Efficiency of lighting
  • Lamp life

Adequate illumination is an important security aspect for any type of commercial parking lot. For existing parking lot lighting systems using mercury vapor or low pressure sodium lamps, we can upgrade them to use either high pressure sodium or metal halide. Metal halide is the best option for security purposes, producing a nearly white light and more natural appearance. Also, colors are more clearly visible, allowing people and vehicles to be more easily identified. A minimum light level of 1 foot candles is recommended throughout parking lot areas, however 2-4 foot candles is more desirable. The costs involved in replacing these older, less efficient lamps can be recovered through savings in lamp replacement and lowered energy costs.

Over 80% of criminal activity at malls, offices, and other public structures occurs in poorly lit parking lots. Ensuring that your parking lots have adequate lighting can help reduce car break ins, minimize crime, and improve safety. Garages with burned out or broken lights, defective ballast, or broken or tripped circuit breakers can be a magnet for criminals hoping to prey on unsuspecting customers. Properly maintaining outdoor lighting fixtures is also necessary. Aging and dirty lamps produce less light. Lamps should be replaced on regular basis, not just when they burn out, and should also be cleaned both inside and out to prolong their effectiveness.

At Innovative Electrical Contractors, we have the necessary skills and experience to properly install, wire, and maintain your commercial outdoor lighting and parking lot electrical systems.

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